Thursday, March 06, 2014

Let's take a look at the webmixes!

Hi buddies!

How are you?

Today you can see our webmixes. Probably you'll say..what is that? Well, a webmix is a ICT tool we haven't known before.

A webmix is a personal learning environment (PLE), a virtual desktop where you can keep all those links that seem interesting to us or are useful for our work or for study. Let it be the student himself or herself who takes the  control of the learning situation.

As a didactic use: each student can create and save their own symbaloo links that have been useful to perform schoolwork, can even organize them by subject or learning areas.

Another option could be the creation by a webmix with those tools, websites or on-line resources that seem interesting and useful to their subject and to use homepage on the school computers or part of the school website.

Being able to share the teacher or the students themselves can add those links or tools that look interesting to them or they use to carry out the tasks and that all the pupils can use them.

Each of us we have created one which compiles interesting links, online tools, resources you can use in a bilingual classroom, concretely concerning science lesson.

Mario's webmix
Maria's webmix
Ana's webmix

Best regards, and remember...BREAKING THE SCIENCE!!

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